We are tax investigation experts. The business was set up in 2012 with the aim of providing high quality, specialist advice at a competitive price.

We specialise in serious, sensitive and complicated HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) enquiries, investigations and disclosures, eg involving tax fraud/tax evasion or deliberate and careless tax errors. We deal with Code of Practice 9 (COP9)/Contractual Disclosure Facility (CDF), Code of Practice 8 (COP8), Offshore Disclosure Facilities, Requirement to Correct (RTC), Failure to Correct (FTC) and Compliance Checks. We deal with all areas within HMRC including, Fraud Investigation Services; Fraud & Bespoke Avoidance; Individual & Small Business Compliance; C & P Campaigns Team (Campaigns & Projects); Wealthy/Mid Sized Business; Hidden Economy; Offshore Evasion Unit; Offshore, Corporate, Wealthy, Civil; Affluent Unit; HMRC Voluntary Disclosure Team; Government Departments and Public Bodies. Please see “Our Services

Our goals are to engage effectively with HMRC, ensure you get the best possible result, give you certainty going forward, reduce the stress of the investigation for you and your family, bring the HMRC investigation to a conclusion as soon as possible, reduce the scope of the HMRC tax investigation, deal with the admin on your behalf, meet the necessary deadlines, and where relevant- for serious tax evasion and tax fraud, reduce the risk of criminal investigation and prosecution. Please see “Our Goals

We act for all taxpayers, including individuals, public/government bodies, charities, companies, as well as executors and trustees. We deal with UK based and internationally mobile taxpayers. We have dealt with several high profile taxpayers. We are also pleased to accept referrals and to advise accountants, tax advisers and lawyers on difficult and complex HMRC issues or where there are conflicts of interest or other work commitments. Please see “Our Clients

We have a long history of successfully handling HMRC tax investigations and negotiating tax settlements with HMRC. We deal with HMRC tax investigations, HMRC compliance checks and HMRC tax inspectors on a day to day basis and have many contacts at all levels within HMRC. Please see “Why Us

We have professional tax qualifications and have worked within HMRC and the tax investigations practice for a long number of years. The UK tax system is very complicated and we have a range of specialists for specific advice. The business was set up by Rebecca Busfield and Andrew Watt in 2012. Andrew retired in March 2020. Please see “Meet The Experts



November 2021: “That is great news and a very welcome outcome, which now hopefully closes the case! Thanks for all your help with this.” (WDF – disclosure of investment income in South Africa for a non domiciled individual following receipt of a “nudge” letter from HMRC)

October 2021: “Thank you for your help and inspiring such confidence at a time of confusion and uncertainty. I felt in safe hands from day 1 🙏” (WDF – disclosure of Irish rental income for a second home for a non domiciled individual following receipt of  “nudge” letter from HMRC)

August 2021: “As always, many thanks for you sage advice.”  (HMRC compliance check into sideways trading loss relief for a vintage plane restorer)

May 2021: “Its crazy how much detail UK tax want about foreign people i.e. jewellery etc. Sadly i have none but its so intense. Thanks for all your help as I really would never have imagined all this detail being needed.” (WDF – disclosure of rental income and additional stamp duty for a non domiciled individual following receipt of  “nudge” letter from HMRC)

Mar 2021: “We really appreciate your great service and all the work you have done for us. Thank you very much” (Contractual Disclosure Facility “CDF” / Code of Practice 9 “COP9” of underdeclared sales of convenience store to Fraud Investigation Service, HMRC)

Jan 2021: “you’ve helped (and continue to help) me out of a very worrisome chapter that I found myself ill-equipped to tackle alone. I am very aware of the quality of your work and the high level of your expertise and appreciate your assistance very much.”  (Voluntary disclosure to HMRC for a digital marketing firm in relation the timing of dividends)

Sep 2020: “I have now closed all the necessary internal records in respect of this investigation. It just leaves me to thank you for your significant assistance in getting to this point.” (Fraud Investigator – Offshore, Corporate & Wealthy, Fraud Investigation Service, HMRC re Code of Practice 9/CDF case)

June 2020: “Thanks again for the persistence and detailed answers!” (Voluntary Disclosure by a web / software developer to HMRC of undeclared self employment income over eight years)

May 2020: “Thank you for sending over the draft letter. Very impressed by the direction you have taken. Now I can see what an appeal looks like! This is brilliant, and thank you so much! I really appreciate all this, I am aware at present that there are three people that have made a huge impact on things for me. My girlfriend, psychotherapist and your good self” (Appeal to Individual and Small Business Compliance, HMRC on behalf of a Photographer / Film Director re CLAC penalty due to mental health issues)

April 2020: “You are and always have been an absolute pleasure and I thank you so very much for all the work that you have done, its both appreciated and much respected. Stay healthy” (Code of Practice 9 / COP9 to Fraud Investigation Service)

January 2020: “Thanks so much for your attention to detail, it’s much appreciated.” (Code of Practice 9 “COP9″/Contractual Disclosure Facility for undeclared self employment income over ten years)

October 2019: “This was the second time I have engaged Watt Busfield to handle a stressful HMRC dispute. Both times I felt completely confident that the process was being handled in a professional and competent way. I was impressed with the research and investigation to assist my case and on both occasions reached fair outcomes” (HMRC compliance check into entrepreneur relief claim)

July 2019: “Thanks for your patience with me on this… I’m very grateful.”

June 2019: “Rebecca has enormous expertise in handling situations like mine and did a terrific job for me in 2011. I have instructed her to engage with HMRC on the matter going forward.” 

November 2018: “Having HMRC on your back can very, very stressful, with sleepless nights and those lonely tedious days can drag on. But having professional people such as Rebecca in your corner who understands, cares for your well being, and help guide you through all the jargon and pitfalls when dealing with HMRC, was in my mind, money well spent. I’d highly recommend Watt Busfield as tax investigation specialists. I’m smiling and a much happier person. At last I can see the light at end of the tunnel. Thank you.” (Voluntary Disclosures to Fraud Investigation Service “FIS” via Worldwide Disclosure Facility & Code of Practice 9 “COP9″/ Contractual Disclosure Facility “CDF” for elderly parents using power of attorney. Covering domicile, remittances, offshore bank accounts in Macau/BVI, offshore properties and compensation payment for properties which had no been built)

October 2018: “Watt Busfield represented me in a tax investigation. They were professional and efficient throughout. They built a good rapport with the tax inspector and managed to achieve a great result. The tax inspector was satisfied with my tax return and I had to pay nothing. Throughout, Andrew and Rebecca were courteous, flexible and understanding of my objectives. I have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone who is facing a tax investigation.” (Code of Practice 8 “COP8” by Fraud Investigation Service “FIS” – lawyer, UK and offshore rental income and offshore interests)

September 2018: “The only good thing to come out of this process is meeting Rebecca and Andrew” (Contractual Disclosure Facility “CDF” under Code of Practice 9 “COP9” via Fraud Investigation Service “FIS” – software company and MD – multiple issues including tax planning, employer compliance (PAYE and NIC), director loan account, credit card expenses, travel expenses) 

July 2018: “Watt Busfield provided an excellent service in my tax investigation. Due to complications in VAT I was worried about their final costs but they proved to be definitely value for money. WB took care of all deliberations and came to a swift agreement with HMRC. I’d recommend them.” (HMRC Individual & Small Business Compliance, Small & Medium Enterprises – ex Christopher Lunn “CLAC” client – TV producer – inflated expenses)

April 2018: “A million thanks for your help guiding me through the grey areas of tax law, giving great advice and negotiating with HMRC. It really helped with the stress levels knowing I had you on side and it’s a great relief to put this episode behind me.” (ex Christopher Lunn “CLAC” client – HMRC Agents & Complex – rental property and Private Residence Relief “PRR”/ Principal Private Residence “PPR”)

December 2017: “I approached Watt Busfield after receiving a disclosure letter from HMRC. This was an extreme worry to me as I had been unwell. Rebecca and Andrew first put my mind at ease and dealt with HMRC with great skill, keeping me fully aware at each stage of negotiations. Their office reconstructed 6 years of tax returns from my voluminous bank statements which mixed both personal and business expenditure. Following the lengthy negotiations a satisfactory outcome was reached with a time to pay agreement. Without Rebecca and Andrew I would not have been able to get myself out of the hole I had dug for myself and I will be forever in their debt for the professional and caring manner they dealt with my case.” (HMRC Individual & Small Business Compliance – lawyer – disclosure of undeclared self employment income)

November 2017: “Rebecca has been consistently vigilant throughout.” (Check of self assessment tax return for photographer’s agent by HMRC Local Compliance – Small & Medium Enterprises – re careless v deliberate penalty, source of funding and inadequate business records)

August 2017: “Thank you for fighting so hard for us. It’s massively appreciated. As said previously – it feels nothing short of miraculous being able to draw a line under this experience and without your help it would have been an even more traumatic process.” (HMRC Individuals and Small Business Compliance – Small & Medium Enterprises – ex Christopher Lunn “CLAC” client – TV and film script writer)

July 2017: “I am so grateful for all the help and support you’ve given us. This has been a very stressful experience and has rather shaken my confidence in ‘the system’ but the fact that you listened to us, acknowledged what we said to be valid and fought on our behalf has made a huge difference.” (HMRC Individuals and Small Business Compliance – Executive Coaching – inflated expenses and backdated dividends)

June 2017: “We found Watt Busfield to be absolutely brilliant in helping us deal with an investigation. They were down to earth, flexible, efficient, careful, very switched on and vastly experienced. One vital thing that really stood out to us compared with other firms we dealt with during our investigation is that every decision was made for our benefit; they would only do what was necessary to prepare the best possible response to HMRC. This allowed us to build a very high level of trust which made the whole investigation so much easier to cope with.”(HMRC, Wealthy Midsized Business Compliance Affluent re UK & overseas rental income, source of funding and personal service company income)

June 2017: “Thanks a lot for everything with the case – you have been brilliant and we really appreciate all the effort you have gone to!” (HMRC, Wealthy Midsized Business Compliance Affluent re UK & overseas rental income)

May 2017: “I would like to thank both Andrew and Rebecca for the work they put into fighting a tax problem myself and several friends found ourselves facing. Andrew devoted himself to several lengthy phone calls with myself from his office and one occasion during a family holiday for which I was extremely grateful. A professional team at all time. Thank you.” (HMRC Individuals and Small Business Compliance – Small & medium enterprises – ex Christopher Lunn Client – inflated expenses – personal training company)

May 2017: “I’d like to thank you and Andrew both ever so much for all your help with getting my enquiry settled – it really is appreciated, and a great relief to have it all dealt with.” (HMRC Local Compliance – Mid Size Business – director / cameraman – personal service company issues)

April 2017: “I wanted to thank you again for your support during this challenging period. I have enjoyed working with you and am very grateful.”

February 2017: “I’d like to express our appreciation of how much effort you and Andrew are putting into this. We are extremely grateful.” (HMRC Individual and Small Business Compliance – Small & Medium Enterprises – ex Christopher Lunn client “CLAC” – TV script writer – mental health issues / depression) 

January 2017: “it feels pretty special to put this chapter behind me. Thank you and Rebecca for your kind support during this challenging period. It’s very much appreciated”. (HMRC Individual and Small Business Compliance – Small & Medium Enterprises – ex Christopher Lunn client “CLAC” – TV producer – inflated expenses, backdated dividends and false corporate / partnership dual structures) 

October 2016: “What a relief and such a satisfactory result!  This was a complex case that could have dragged on and on and for it to be resolved in such a timely manner was down to your considerable efforts and expertise.” (HMRC Charities, Savings & International 1 – domicile and undeclared offshore bank account – widow)

August 2016: “Thank you for your work and assistance in the matter. Everything with HMRC went perfectly, there were no issues arising and all was settled immediately.  There were some minor changes to the numbers but nothing material.  It was possibly the easiest dealing with HMRC that I have had.”  (HMRC Individuals & Public Bodies “I&PB”, Government Departments Team – voluntary disclosure re unpaid PAYE / National Insurance Contributions “NIC” on employee expenses) 

July 2016: “Thanks Rebecca. That is a big relief. Thank you and Andrew for all your help and support over the last few months. It was very re-assuring for me to have your professional and wise counsel. It’s very much appreciated.” (HMRC Offshore – Fraud Investigation Services “FIS” – domicile and undeclared offshore bank account – oil and gas entrepreneur)

June 2016: “Thank you for all your work preparing such a thorough letter – it is very much appreciated.  It is a relief to be able to read one that I actually understand for once, after all those lengthy ones from HMRC.” (HMRC Individual and Small Business Compliance – Small & Medium Enterprises – ex Christopher Lunn client “CLAC” – TV producer – overinflated expenses, backdated dividends and false corporate / partnership dual structures) 

February 2016: “I would like to go on record and state what a wonderful job you and your team have carried out on my behalf and would not hesitate to recommend you to any of my colleagues.” (HMRC Debt Management and Banking – incorrect tax determinations – Special Relief claim)

December 2015: “I hope you do know just how much Sylvia and I have appreciated all your considerable efforts and diligence.” (HMRC Liechtenstein Disclosure Facility “LDF” – Fraud Investigation Service “FIS” – gaming entrepreneur and CEO)

December 2015: “Our deepest thanks for your perseverance with our case. I truly think the outcome you’ve achieved is a fair one and reflects what Nick should have paid at the time, had his accountants been any good, but there is certainly no way we could have achieved this by ourselves. Your advice and knowledge of the inner workings of HMRC have proved absolutely invaluable!” (HMRC Local Compliance – Mid Size Business – )

August 2015: “Many many thanks for all your continued efforts.”

March 2015: “I have felt immeasurably relieved and supported by you in my hour of need, and although I suppose professionalism can be reasonably expected, nevertheless on a personal level you have been a great comfort.” (Liechtenstein Disclosure Facility “LDF” – HMRC Specialist Investigations – Doctor – undeclared consultancy income and offshore bank account)

December 2014: “We are very grateful for the work that you have put into this matter and that this worry now seems to have been removed. We’ll need some guidance from you about future returns.”

October 2014: “Many, many thanks”

August 2014: “Many thanks for your help on this – I think you’ve done a great job.” (Contractual Disclosure Facility “CDF” and Code of Practice 9 “COP9” – HMRC Specialist Investigations – re tax avoidance scheme – Risk Manager at investment bank)

April 2014: “That is really great news! Many thanks for all your help on this matter. It will be a huge weight off everyone’s shoulders.” (HMRC Voluntary Disclosure team – Legal consultant undeclared business income)

March 2014: “Great news! Many thanks for kindly getting in touch and dealing with Mr. xx. My mother can finally close that chapter.” (Code of Practice 9 “COP9”  – HMRC Specialist Investigations – re offshore trust and undeclared offshore bank interest – manager at online auction market place)

January 2014: “you did an excellent job and we would like to thank you for your hard work and great kindness with regards to our circumstances. We are so relieved that this nightmare has now come to an end…”. (Code of Practice 9 “COP9” – HMRC Specialist Investigations – re undeclared offshore bank account – retired hotelier and chef)

December 2012: “I would just like to take the opportunity to wish you and your families a very merry Christmas and to thank you for all your efforts in resolving our position with HMRC. I am sure you can appreciate this is an enormous weight off all our shoulders and gives us the opportunity to move forward into 2013 with no more sleepless nights. Once again many thanks and wishing you all the best for the future.” (Code of Practice 8 “COP8” – HMRC Specialist Investigations – re domicile status and undeclared offshore bank interest – Trader)

July 2012: “I wanted to formally thank you and Rebecca for all your unswerving support during what, certainly for me, has been an incredibly stressful and difficult period.  Your ability to get straight to the nub of the problem, often with an element of well timed humour, and Rebecca’s calmness and professionalism have made the whole situation that much easier to deal with”. (Liechtenstein Disclosure Facility “LDF” – HMRC Specialist Investigations – re offshore property sale, overseas trust, undeclared inheritance and bank interest – Investment manager and wealth planner)

For a no obligation, confidential discussion please feel free to contact Rebecca Busfield. Please seeContact Us

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